What we ease?

Our Digital Transformation Approach
At PKF Digital Transformation Office, we help companies to develop new ways of thinking and benefit from new technologies.
Digital Project Management

We prevent waste and time loss by playing a project manager role on behalf of companies in complex digital projects.

Choosing The Right Technology

We independently evaluate which is suitable for companies from the vast and ever-evolving universe of complex digital technologies.

Technology Transfer

We bring what we believe to be beneficial from digital technologies to the company and guide the company in the process until it is used fully and correctly.

Monitoring and Control

Periodically, we conduct recurring cost-benefit analysis and monitor which results the company has improved.

Guidance to Learn

We follow the learning stages of the leaders and all employees in this area.


With healthy foresight, productive work habits and sound judgment, we separate right from wrong and eliminate confusion.

Meet Our Team

Dr. Kutalmış Emre Ceylan

Dr. Kutalmış E. Ceylan

İşletme Hastalıkları Mütehassısı
Mertcan Asdemir

Mertcan Asdemir

Süreç ve Teknoloji Bükücü, Kara Kuşak Master
Saniye Yeniay Arslan

Saniye Yeniay Arslan

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Zehra Sabaniş

Zehra Sabaniş

Analitik Düşünme Ustası
Gözde Nur Bilgin

Gözde Nur Bilgin

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Tuba Aydın

Tuba Aydın

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Where Should We Start?

dijital dönüşümün ilk yılı

First Year of Digital Transformation

For companies which want to start digital transformation quickly and effectively.

International B2B Digital Marketing Consultancy

For B2B companies that want to add new ones to traditional customer acquisition channels at low budget.

Digital Management Monitoring Screen with 30 Indicators

For companies that have difficulty analyzing their data correctly and turning them into knowledge or in doing them systematically and regularly.


Workshops in companies on digital transformation of marketing and competencies, digital transformation strategies.

Bringing 10 Digital Tools to the Company

To offer companies the most basic 10 digital tools for their development, implementation of tools and education service. For companies looking to save time and reduce chaos.

Preparing a Digital Transformation Roadmap

Analysis service that reveals which digital tools, methods and perspectives a company can benefit most from and their cost-benefit analysis.

income enhance




What does digital transformation comprise?

Our priority in digital transformation of marketing is to deduce the role of income – generating. Digital marketing is not only shopping online. For this reason, we handle digitalization of marketing as a whole and supporting the sales process with digital opportunities and making it easier.


We know that there is customer bias, following of collection or strategic marketing issues like managing sales forces on company’s agenda as much as e-commerce projects. Defining digital marketing as digitalization of marketing language is deficient point of view. Instead of this, we produce with your teams together digital marketing strategies that work coordinated with your company’s traditional marketing strategies, make your marketing processes short and easier and we develop projects that will make your customer experience better.


What kind of advantages will digital transformation provide?

In your company,

  • Doing your studies of customer targeting more flexible, pricing more accurate,
  • Following your orders easier and collections timelier,
  • Using communication channels more effective and synchronized with your domestic and foreign customers,
  • Digitalizing all customer relations managing process,
  • Monitoring your marketing and sales performance right and on time we work in a certain order together.
  • Our services:
    • Digital transformation of B2B Marketing
    • E-commerce and E-export Action Plan and Guidance of Application
    • CRM Choice, Application and Suggestions to Improve Present System
    • Digitalization of Marketing Performance Reports
    • Digital Product Design / Management
Makale: B2B Pazarlamanın Dijital Dönüşümü

cost saving




What digital transformation does comprise?


Digitalizing does not mean buying technology only. You can evaluate your present business processes again by using right technology because reviewing your processes again and making it most efficient  is the prior condition of digital transformation.


We reevaluate your value chain that comprises internal processes and/or external processes which cause you contact with customer with digitalization motivation and we discover new opportunities together that will increase your advantageousness in every step.


What kind of advantages will digital transformation provide?

In your company,

  • Decreasing transacting business time and tightness will increase productivity,
  • Minimizing life,
  • It will increase the productivity by decreasing work-load that takes employees time in vain,
  • It will provide you with generating more reliable data
  • It is possible for us to create a job environment that you can evaluate the information right and on time.

For this, we develop solutions from planning to production and management reporting that will lower the cost and boosting productivity in various processes.

  • Determination of Digital Opportunities in Procedures and Practical Guidance*
  • ERP Choice and Adaptation Consultancy
  • Productivity Growth Practices Guidance in Business Manners*
  • Information Management and Reporting




What digital transformation does comprise?


Strategy is the requisite thing to reduce distance between comprehending the need of digital transformation and implementing. A digital transformation strategy is needed that will suit your company’s income model, structure of organization, capabilities and technological infrastructure. Digital transformation strategy is not a thing that can be founded independent of main strategies that determine company’s direction and aim. On the contrary, it should be built as to expedite reaching the goal and make it evaluate new opportunities while the company proceeds in that direction.


Companies that are born in digital age caused the questionings of conventional, rooted companies’ business models by using disruptive technologies. However, conventional companies are having difficulties in adapting to new competition conditions that detected by disruptive digital technologies. We guide conventional companies to overcome this with merest hardship and most productive way in their digital transformation journey.


Before beginning the journey of digital transformation, we prepare a detailed route map that will solve today’s problems with tomorrow’s technology and will enable to take caution with today’s technology to tomorrow’s problems.



What kind of advantages will digital transformation provide?


We design a route map that will determine which areas digital transformation will serve a purpose in order to increase income by lowering costs as commerce’s primordial equation. We put forward which results can be reached in how much time and with how much investment and human labour.


On the other hand, we help you to discover new business model opportunities which are created by digital technologies. No matter how conventional your business is, there is always a way to adapt to new economy and take advantages.


Digital transformation services


Digital Product/ Service Design


Yearlong Digital Transformation Action Plan


There is not a digital route map that fits everyone. Even if you are in a homogenous sector, looking at what others do will only carry you a certain place. Company’s culture, capabilities and your management philosophy can change radically the way you experience this journey and the destination address that you will arrive. For this reason, together we design an action plan which is applicable and specific to your company’s business manner and income growth oriented that you will be able to have cost advantage through digital transformation. The headlines that we will mention in action plan:

  • Goals and Performance Evaluation Criteria
  • Information Management and Reporting
  • Digital Opportunities in Procedures
  • Digital Marketing
  • Increasing Digital Competence
  • Plan of Improving Technology/ Infrastructure
  • Investment Requirement Plan and Return of Investment

makes it sustainable



What digital transformation does comprise?


Digital transformation requires leadership although it comprises the all firm. Leader needs to be digital literate, needs to see the need of digital transformation in company and needs to be farsighted to avoid unnecessary technology traps. In this environment which is always hard to make strategic decisions about unknown fields, we guide leader’s own digital transformation journey primarily. In paralel with this, we make plans of improving employees’ competence for sure.


What kind of advantages will digital transformation provide?


Leader succeeds by proceeding the digital transformation journey that s/he will take with employees who are digitally competent. Company employees needs to develop their business manners according to digital since it is not possible to make a progress in digital transformation journey when an integrated digital strategy and technological infrastructure is not supported by employees’ competency.

Adapting your teams to rapidly changing rivalry world with the help of digital technologies and strengthening their competency is an important part of our job. We guide all your learning process, beginning from digital literacy to usage of advanced technology. We work together to make digital thinking as your company’s culture.


Digital transformation services


Digital transformation is a complex and challenging journey. This process needs to be supported, not only from today to tomorrow but with continuous development in time. Our primary goal is to supply need of continuous development as your company becomes a learning organization. For that matter, we start the job with «human». In this journey, we support your employees’ digital capabilities by various education and guidance programmes. We keep supporting and standing by your employees’ side until being sure that digital transformation is reached the level of competency that fits its necessities.

  • Transformation of Human: Essential 15 Digital Competency Education
  • Determination of Digital Competency Need and Development Guidance
  • Leader’s Digital Vision Guidance




What digital transformation does comprise?


There is a minimum technology level which is required for digital technologies that will ease your work and placing solutions and  to make it work harmoniously. All softwares, licences that you used, agreements that you made with internet providers, the data processing that you took and competency of data processing staff constitue your technological infrastructure.


What kind of advantages will digital transformation provide?

Analyzing your needs correctly during our projects, both lowering technology wastage with cost efficient and updated solutions and suggesting technologies that will support transformation in procedures and minds are our priority. We guide the duration of adaptation of these technologies with our expert team. No matter which level your company’s technological infrastructure and utilization degree on, we plan together what and when are the next steps and what kind of investment requirement will be needed.


What kind of advantages will digital transformation provide?

We evaluate together methods and technologies which are convenient for your business model and company culture that bring results from today yet reflect future and we serve guidance in this journey.

We always offer the chance of staying innovative, up to date and competitive by ensuring that you take a place in technological ecosystem and constituting technical competence that will support your digital transformation with an education in company, guidance or through new employment. Services;

  • Duration based technology chance map
  • Technology service team / office setup
  • Meetings with technology ecosystem